"We Run the Show"

Anonymous Whistleblower Complaint re: OUN-B in U.S.

“Extraordinary Convention” alleging to form new Board of Directors for the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine (ODFFU), Bloomingdale, Illinois, September 28, 2019, which the NYC-based ODFFU leadership denounced as "an illegitimate attempt to hijack control of the organization and its assets." Sitting left to right: Ihor Diaczun (Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Illinois Division), Mykola Hryckowian (Center for US-Ukrainian Relations), ???; standing at the podium: ???

The following is an anonymous complaint submitted to the Charities Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s office on September 28, 2019.

1. Contact Information

Name: ██████

2. Organization name: Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation, Inc.

Organization address: 203 Second Avenue 3rd. Floor, NY, NY 10003

3. Details of Complaint

Introduction: I grew up in New York City’s Ukrainian Community, being a son of Ukrainian parents who were pioneers of the Ukrainian Organized Community. I attended the Ukrainian School at the New York branch of UAYA (Ukrainian American Youth Association), located at East 10th Street New York, NY. 10003. I continued my education and active participation in Ukrainian organizations in the ODFFU, Inc. building located at 136 Second Avenue, New York, NY, 10003.

The following narrative is based on true facts. I will be systematically sending the proof documentation to the Attorney General offices, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA and other entities to affect a speedy intervention in the activities of Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation, Inc., The Heritage Foundation, the Center for US-Ukraine Relations (CUSUR) and other Ukrainian institutions/organizations in order to purge them from the influence of this group of individuals with a hidden extremist agenda.

I grew up with many of the individuals listed below and worked with them over many years. Eventually it got to the point where they tried to convince me to join their secret organization OUN (R) [a.k.a. OUN-B] and some kind of antisemitic secret movement. Their fascist-extremist ideology scared me and I decided to gradually disassociate myself from those people. I got married, moved to New Jersey and that made it easier to avoid them.

The people of this group always tried contacting me via a physical encounter at the UAYA Camp Resort located at 8853 Route 209 in Ellenville, New York, via telephone and during Ukrainian festivals or events in which I was participating.

Their mistake was to drink too much and tell me about their plans and activities. Their weakness was the excessive use of alcohol and the use of drugs. This alcohol and drugs abuse was common among the officers of the OUN (R) organization (Nick [“Mykola”] Hryckowian, Paul [“Pavlo”] Bandriwsky, Walter [“Volodymyr”] Zarycky, Borys Potapenko and especially Bohdan Harhaj).

I was invited to become a member of the domestic New York State non-for-profit corporation entitled Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation, Inc. (hereinafter UAFF). UAFF is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

I refused to join the UAFF, Inc. As a devoted member of the Ukrainian community, I held different positions in several organizations (mainly at the UAYA). I was very familiar with the operations of the UAFF offices, an institution that serves as the financial facade of the terrorist organization OUN (R). I received sensitive and dangerous information, mainly of their illegal and clandestine activities over the years.

I will provide several examples. Bohdan Harhaj told me about the difficulties that the OUN (R) was encountering with some members of UAFF, Inc. Those members, brought on board by the well-meaning UAFF elders, were not OUN members and they refused to get involved in any illegal/clandestine activities. He resented that those new people were trying to cleanse the institution “from us” (as he put it), to become a Ukrainian community-based organization. He complained that “they refuse to contribute money for our cause”. They also refused to make transactions and/or payments ordered by OUN (R) officers because they considered them to be legally questionable. He stated many times that they (OUN (R) officers) won’t allow this to continue. They will destroy those individuals’ reputations within the Ukrainian community.

During my conversations with Bohdan Harhaj, he complained that the UAFF, Inc. didn’t hold annual meetings in a very long time. The current custodians resisted the interference from OUN (R). He assured me that they (OUN (R) officers) were working towards the removal of those individuals from the UAFF. Bohdan Harhaj is the former head of OUN (R) in the USA. He and the current head [in the United States] of OUN (R),Walter Zaryckyj, both assured me that they will rid the UAFF of those individuals who interfered with OUN (R). Walter Zaryckyj on September 1, 2019 stated that his team was joined by Askold Lozynskyj, Esq, as the legal advisor, working in conjunction with Paul Bandriwsky, Nick Hryckowian and Borys Potapenko, to ruin the reputations of those individuals. Askold Lozynskyj is a devoted member of OUN (R) and a member of UAFF, Inc.

After the review of the UAFF, Inc. meeting minutes (obtained from a long-time friend of mine who is an UAFF, Inc. officer), I found that those minutes are made up by OUN (R) officers and the UAFF, Inc. board was coerced to adopt them.

Bohdan Harhaj (being obviously drunk) mentioned at our encounter at the UAYA Camp Resort that Borys Potapenko was secretly getting a salary for several years from UAFF, Inc by OUN (R) on orders from Paul Bandriwsky. When some UAFF, Inc. members asked Borys Potapenko to provide his SSN/TIN in order to proceed with the proper filing, he refused to provide it. He replied that “if you have any problems with it, Paul Bandriwsky, Nick Hryckowian and Walter Zaryckyj will take care of any of you”. Potapenko’s salary is not reflected in the 990’s of UAFF, Inc. Since Bohdan Harhaj became the UAFF, Inc. president, the 990’s were filed fraudulently.

During another conversation Bohdan Harhaj laughingly mentioned that, with the exception of 4 individuals, no one pays the membership dues to the foundation. I asked him about how it was possible to conduct annual meetings of the membership and how the UAFF was able to pay its expenses? He laughed again and replied — “the Ukrainian Community can pay for us”.

At the last UAFF, Inc. annual meeting Walter Zaryckyj was appointed as its president (even though he did not seek that position). This was done in order to make clear to the other UAFF, Inc. members that OUN (R) makes all the rules, as he said — “we run the show”. I told him that this will end badly for this foundation, but he replied that “for legal or illegal purposes we have Askold Lozynskyj, Esq. He knows all the leeway with the non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and knows how to fuck people around. In addition, now we have Oleh N. Dekajlo, Esq. as a reinforcement for OUN (R), we can fuck anyone that we want. He will do anything that Askold Lozynsky tells him. Askold is a smart cookie and people at the Attorney General office are stupid and lazy. Nobody gives a shit. We can do anything we want.”

I asked him why they were doing this, what was the purpose of all of this? His reply was — “Listen ■■■■■■■, this is nothing, we have a bigger fish to fry. We have to take over the assets of ODFFU, Inc. (Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine, Inc., its building located at 136 2nd. Avenue New York, NY), that is what we really want. Can you even imagine its market value at today’s prices? It’s going to be ours at any cost. We need and we will take over the ODFFU, Inc., whatever it takes. Once we take over the building, Askold Lozynsky already made an offer to the OUN (R) head in Ukraine (Stefan Romaniw from Australia) to purchase it. Borys Potapenko made the entire plan for it. Paul Bandriwsky will arrange to invest the money in the private foundation (Heritage Foundation of First Security Federal Savings Bank, 2329 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago ILL 60622) where he is the most influential Board member.”

Note: The Heritage Foundation was organized exclusively by OUN (R) members. Its official purpose was to preserve the Ukrainian heritage and culture. Its hidden true purpose is to finance activities of OUN (R) by contributing money to the UAFF, Inc.

A separate complaint to the Attorney General’s Office and other official governmental entities against specific board members of the Heritage Foundation will be filed shortly.

Bohdan Harhaj, Paul Bandriwsky, Borys Potapenko, Walter Zaryckyj, Nick Hryckowian, Christine Balko and Andriy Shchegelskiy, worked out the plan to take over the ODFFU, Inc. As a starting point, Askold Lozynsky. Esq. filed a complaint against the current board of ODFFU, Inc. and against the individual board members that resist the influence of OUN (R) and block its takeover of the building.

This takeover group attempts to create chaos and confusion among the ODFFU membership and to force them to hold an Extraordinary Annual Meeting in the Chicago area, a home base of Paul Bandriwsky, Ihor Diaczun and Jaroslaw Sydorynko. It resorts to dirty tactics, creates officially-looking but unauthorized e-mail accounts (odffu136@gmail.com) and uses them to send to the ODFFU membership “official letters”, full of lies and invented stories, in order to call this meeting and proceed with this hostile takeover of ODFFU, Inc. They need the money to fund the OUN (R) terrorist organization, they need the ODFFU’s building.

As a member of the UAYA, Inc., and a former ODFFU, Inc. member, I have many friends that belong to these organizations and I will send a copy of this complaint to them. Once this complaint letter reaches its recipients, the organizers of this takeover attempt will undoubtedly recognize me as its author and I may face the danger of their reprisals. But it is about time that someone would finally try to stop this crazy bunch and put an end to its deceitful and malevolent agenda. I am doing this for the good of these organizations and for the good of the Ukrainian Community. I will provide further detailed information to the Attorney General’s Office, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA and to the Congressional offices. Once I see the reaction by the authorities and their intervention in the affairs of the UAFF, Inc., I will openly identify myself and provide the names of people who have the knowledge and the compromising documentation with regards to the OUN (R) activities.

If this complaint seems to be long and tedious, it is because I am not an attorney (such as Askold Lozynskyj or Oleh N. Dekaijlo). I am not as skillful as they are, but I’m not a terrorist member of OUN (R) as they are.

I will provide the information regarding the most important officers of OUN (R) that are, in my opinion, extremely dangerous to the Ukrainian Community and to our country. At the end of this narrative, you will understand that they are jeopardizing the national security of both Ukraine and the USA because of their unauthorized constant intervention in the Eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region, where they support and organize provocations and terrorist attacks.

In this terrorist organization OUN (R), there is a special division, headed by Nick Hryckowian, charged with the ideological brain washing of youngsters to entice them to join the terrorist division. Yuriy Nakonechny (Nick’s former father-in-law) is a senior officer who somehow is still very tight with Nick. Yuriy is the head of OUN (R) in Philadelphia. He is responsible for the training of future fighters. His house, located at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Philadelphia PA 19149, is loaded with weapons. He poses as a guns collector, but in reality he has secret places where he hides the weaponry for training of the OUN (R) members/youngsters. He is the president of ODFFU Philadelphia Branch. He has not called a single annual meeting of that Branch in the past 14 years.

The members of his branch (Non OUN (R) members) were troubled by this and, as a result, several years ago they sold a building in Philadelphia that belonged to the Ukrainian Community (3 organizations shared the ownership, one of them the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Inc.). When they sold the building, they entrusted him to lead a committee to guard the money. He was supposed to inform the ODFFU Branch members of any decision regarding any transaction, but never did. He only contacted OUN (R) members and they decided what to do with the money.

Nick Hryckowian was married to Yuriy’s daughter (Dorothy) and they had 5 children. They got divorced due to constant financial difficulties and the arguments resulting in wife abuse. He never liked to work and was accustomed to stealing from the Ukrainian Community.

I grew up with Nick in New York City. I’m little bit older, but at that time we both belonged to the Local Branch of the Ukrainian American Youth Association (UAYA) and later to the 2nd Branch of ODFFU in NYC. During those years we encountered many problems with his behavior at both organizations.

Several times he was caught stealing the money donated by the membership during Christmas caroling fund raising, called Koliada, and other donations. After he was tried by an internal trial, his former father-in-law came to his rescue and paid back part of the stolen donations. He was asked to leave the presidency of the UAYA. As this incident happened at the end of his term, it was easy to elect someone else in the next election and keep quiet about the real reason for his dismissal. During his presidency of the UAYA New York branch, in addition to the stolen money he also did not pay the rent for branch office for over 3 years. Coincidently, he was the head of the OUN (R) in NYC and he made himself the president of the 2nd Branch of ODFFU.

I worked close with him during those times and he drove us to many verbal and almost physical fights. At that time the 2nd branch of ODFFU was disintegrated. We were just a few friends that hanged out in the building, without annual meetings or any kind of formal meetings. He decided to appoint himself as a head of the ODFFU NYC branch. No one filed any membership application and no one paid any membership dues. The only exception were the 3 individuals (Non OUN (R) members) who were non-related to Nick. He decided to run it in an OUN (R) manner, ignoring the older members and the Non-OUN (R) members.

The OUN (R) way of running things meant that the officers appoint people to positions and they must do as they are told. Coincidently, during his leadership tenure he managed not to pay any rent for the ODFFU branch premises. This nonpayment of rent went on for 3 years and forced the ODFFU Headquarters to kick out the branch from the premises. The question that always was and still remains unanswered today is what he did with the money?

As a matter of fact, Mykola [Hryckowian] stole money from the donations received by the ODFFU 2nd Branch. The older ODFFU members decided to remove him and expel him from the ODFFU 2nd Branch. Him and his friends (Walter Zaryckyj) were never formally accepted as ODFFU members through the proper procedures and they never paid any dues.

Today Mykola is one of the leaders of OUN (R), is on the committee of the organizers of this chaos against the current board of ODFFU, Inc. calling for an Extraordinary Annual Meeting (convention).

After all the shame he has caused for his family and being expelled from the Ukrainian Organizations, he moved to Philadelphia, in order to be rescued by his former father-in-law.

Today he is the director of CUSUR (Center of US Ukraine Relations) together with guess whom? Professor Walter Zaryckyj, the head of OUN (R) in USA. What a coincidence! Who else has also joined the Board of this NGO? Roman Myhal — a OUN (R) member (and Walter’s drinking buddy) who in the OUN (R) paramilitary structure is responsible for helping Nick Hryckowian to scare/intimidate people in the Ukrainian Community (his position: OUN officer in charge of unusual situations). Another OUN (R) member and CUSUR Board member is Arthur Hryhorowych (the godfather of Zaryckyj’s daughter).

What is CUSUR and why was it created?

It was created by and for those two individuals — Walter Zaryckyj and Nick Hryckowian. Being both were expelled from the NYC Ukrainian community for fraud, lying, stealing and many other things, they needed the money to survive and pay bills (they are not accustomed to work and the review of their income taxes will corroborate this). They use this NGO to lie to the Ukrainian Community, pretending that somehow they work for the Ukrainian Government and the United States Government, constantly requesting donations from Ukrainian Credit Unions, Ukrainian Organizations, Institutions and privately (example Eugene Yurkiw — Brother of Ulana Suprun).

They collect donations for each conference or round table they organize, an average of $35,000 (and in many cases way more). They present a fraudulent inflated budget; they use $20,000 or less and then they pocket the difference. It is a scam perpetrated on the Ukrainian community. I guess that is what OUN (R) people do, all while saying that they are Ukrainian Patriots that will die for Ukraine.

These two individuals [Hryckowian and Zaryckyj], in order to receive accommodations, services and other expense coverages in Washington DC, present reports on the Ukrainian community and political activities and their fraudulent programs to employees of the CIA.

Everyone who joins and supports CUSUR are OUN (R) members or sympathizers.

The current OUN (R) leader [in the United States], Walter Zaryckyj, was a part time Associate Professor at NYU and Columbia University for years until he was finally able to lecture at the end of his career.

Walter Zaryckyj was thrown out, as a tenant, from the ODFFU building in NYC for many reasons. I will point out at least some of them.

Walter Zaryckyj (together with his wife Marta Kostyk, now belated) owned and ran the Hamalia Travel Agency from the rented first floor big office in the ODFFU building. That office conducted a clandestine and fraudulent business. The older generation of ODFFU, Inc. Board decided to clean the house and threw the agency out for nonpayment of rent (at only $500 per month for a very comfortable large office room). They didn’t pay the rent for many years until it accumulated to a very significant amount of money, plus charges for electricity for over 5 years.

But this is nothing compared with the activities involved in this business. As I visited them on many occasions, during their aggressive arguments it was easy to hear what they were involved in.

They were bringing people from Ukraine illegally, with false passports (thru connections of OUN (R) members in Ukraine), falsifying documents, forging papers, inviting them to participate in conferences organized by Walter Zaryckyj, Nick Hryckowian and Mark Suprun (at the time a very active OUN (R) member in USA, born and trained in Canada, today running assignments for OUN (R) in Ukraine).

They would assure their clients (victims) that they operate legally and that the invitations were official. Their clients were shocked and disappointed when they found out that their relatives arrived with different names and fraudulent passports.

Those victims are still residing in USA (leaving witnesses).

For each such service case, they charged a client the minimum $5,000 in advance, in some cases $7,500 up to $10,000.00, with a 50% deposit money required in advance. In cases that didn’t work out (the visa was denied by the US Embassy in Ukraine), when the clients (victims) demanded a refund, they would be thrown out of the office by Walter Zaryckyj and Nick Hryckowian (part-time helper at the travel agency). They would be told not to come back or they will be deported by the immigration enforcement officers. They simply kept the money, never issuing a single refund.

The reason that this activity went undetected for all those years was that the daily administrator (office manager) of the building was the mother-in-law of Walter Zaryckyj. Because of her daughter, she covered up for them all the time. She covered up the unpaid rent and she covered up the financial transactions and purchases. For example, the purchases of computers for their business “Hamalia Travel Agency” were charged to the ODFFU, Inc. account (accessed and controlled by Walter Zaryckyj’s mother-in-law). It is important to point out that Ludmila Kostyk was also a member of OUN (R) member and, as such, she was ordered to cover up. These transactions were conducted until the ODFFU, Inc Supervisory Committee discovered this fraud and took steps to remedy it immediately. The ODFFU, Inc. requested the resignation of the office manager. The retirement took place immediately, but the monies were never returned.

After this incident, Walter Zaryckyj and Nick Hryckowian, managed again to fool the newly-elected Board of ODFFU, Inc. (as it had many newcomers who did not have any knowledge of this fraud). They rented premises at the 5th floor of the ODFFU building under the newly-created NGO — CUSUR (after they were forced to shut down the Hamalia Travel Agency). And the history repeated itself. After a short period of time, CUSUR stopped making rent and utilities payments. This went on until the back due rent and utilities reached a significant amount of money and they were evicted from the premises, leaving a debt in excess of $ 100,000.00 to ODFFU, Inc. This amount doesn’t include penalties and/or interest. This amount is still owed to the ODFFU and nothing was ever repaid. These individuals disappeared from ODFFU, Inc.

Today these individuals are attempting to call an ODFFU, Inc. Extraordinary Annual Meeting (Convention). Those individuals never registered as ODFFU, Inc members, never paid membership dues. They still owe over $100,000.00 to the ODFFU, Inc. building and these OUN (R) terrorist officers want to take over ODFFU, Inc.!

For the record: After their eviction, ODFFU, Inc. immediately adopted an initiative to find out who is an OUN (R) member and proceeded with a clean-up action to disassociate such members from the building.

This proved to be a very difficult task, as members like Askold Lozynskyj, Esq., Bohdan Harhaj, Paul Bandriwsky, Borys Potapenko, Walter Zaryckyj, Nick Hryckowian, Christine Balko, Oleh N. Dekailo, Esq. resorted to using all kinds of crafty tactics to discredit and ruin the good people in ODFFU, Inc., especially those who reject OUN (R) and care about the best interest of the Ukrainian organizations.

Walter Zaryckyj, Nick Hryckowian, Bohdan Harhaj, Paul Bandriwsky, Borys Potapenko, Oleh n. Dekailo, Christine Balko, Askold Lozynskyj, Adrian Dlaboha (head of the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Inc., and the godson of Askold Lozynskyj), Yuriy Nakonechny, Andriy Shchegelskiy, Mykhailo Derekhowych, Dmytro Bruger, should be banned from all Ukrainian Non-for-Profit organizations, foundations, institutions pending further investigations. Proof, documents of their activities will be sent accordingly to the aforementioned authorities.

These individuals are involved in authorizing and directing weaponry training in USA.

The last four individuals are in position of large-caliber weapons, many of them illegally acquired. They are constantly working to convince and recruit young people to join OUN (R).

The authorities should act now, arrest and confiscate all the weapons that are in their houses before they find out of this complaint and relocate the weapons.

Yuriy Nakonechny: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Philadelphia PA 19149

Andriy Shchegelskiy: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Bay Shore NY 11706

Mykhailo Derekhovych: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Brooklyn NY 11229

Dmytro Burger: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Schaumburg IL 60195

All the telephones calls should be intercepted, text messages between them should be captured as evidence of their plans, e-mail addresses with their correspondence must be intercepted from the respective servers to prevent the deleting. Once they find out of this complaint, they will try to destroy all the evidence.

The Attorney General Office should find how they intimidate people via electronic communication means, how they try to scare people, how they operate to destroy peoples’ reputation. They created this chaos to enable the hostile takeover of the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine, Inc. They have already infiltrated the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and plan to complete the takeover there, unless an intervention will take place.

I want to notify the authorities, that two weeks prior to his death, ███████, a founding member of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of Passaic, New Jersey and long time Board member of the Executive UCCA Board, passed to me a large envelope with a portable USB drive, to be mailed to the Attorney General’s Office with a detailed complaint that will be filed against the entire Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc. (UCCA). Coincidently, all of the above mentioned OUN (R) members have been involved in fraudulent activities and UCCA filings for many years. I promised to him to deliver it. After reading the complaint, I will support such complaint and I will sign the delivery of the envelope.

Bohdan Harhaj, Askold Lozynskyj, Adrian Dlaboha, Walter Zaryckyj, Yaroslaw Melnyk (UAYA New York Branch 136 2nd Avenue Suite 201 New York NY 10003) — current president and the parents committee president and Michael Roscishevsky (Organizational Director UAYA NYC) — these individuals (OUN (R) members) are the most influential people in the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Inc. New York Branch. Adrian Dlaboha is the current president, Bohdan Harhaj was a former president, Askold Lozynskyj was a former 3 terms (9 years) president.

It is not a coincidence that they are also running this UAYA branch clandestinely. Everything is supervised and approved by Askold Lozynskyj and Bohdan Harhaj.

There is a Ukrainian [Saturday] School run by the Board of the UAYA Branch. The Board does nothing without the approval and directions of Askold Lozynskyj, Bohdan Harhaj and Walter Zaryckyj.

The UAYA NYC Branch is a mess. Their financial reports that they provide to the Executive Board are a joke, Nadia Dlaboha-Adamo was a president last year, Adrian Dlaboha is executive Board President, Legal Advisor is Askold Lozynskyj, Esq. and personal counselor is Bohdan Harhaj. The Ukrainian School, supervised and managed by Yaroslav Melnyk, has not presented a financial report for at least 8 years. So the executive board is forced to make up numbers in their 990’s and in the filings to the Charity Bureau. Under the directions of Askold Lozynskyj, Esq. and Bohdan Harhaj (Yaroslav Melnyk’s counselor/advisor). The teachers received salary payments which are never declared and reported. They pay the salaries mostly with checks (it can be verified in the account statements), but never provide the teachers or school director with forms 1099-MISC or any other proper documentation.

At their Annual Meetings, the nominating committee’s nominations are always ignored by Askold Lozynskyj. Esq. and Bohdan Harhaj. Through their influence and the family relationships with Adrian Dlaboha, Nadia Dlaboha and Alexandra Harhaj, they are able to run the annual meeting like an OUN (R) and family matter. The intention is always to cover up all the irregularities and illegalities of the UAYA Branch and the Ukrainian School. This is not surprising, as they are all OUN (R) members. Consequently, they don’t attack this organization nor try to correct its wrong doings. They leave it alone and let it be, because the UAYA branch doesn’t own any valuable assets.

Paul Bandriwsky (a leading OUN (R) officer in Chicago), together with other OUN (R) members listed on the first page, runs the Chicago UAYA Branch in the same manner — total disregard of the by-laws, covering up improprieties, “we run the show”.

For the Record: a separate complaint will be filed with the Attorney General Office in Illinois.

As the authorities can observe, all of this is being strategically planned, supervised and executed under the direction and approval of the OUN (R), which operates undercover through UAFF, Inc. (Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation, Inc.).

These people, in order to grab the money to survive and subsidize their activities, are desperate to take over the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine, Inc. (ODFFU, Inc.). They are not interested in running the Organization for the best interest of the organization, their only goal is to take over the main asset of the organization — the ODFFU building located in New York City. These OUN (R) terrorists are on the mission to take it over at any cost.

Being actively involved with the life of the local Ukrainian community and with the UAYA and ODFFU, I can assure you that the current ODFFU, Inc. Board of Directors and 80% of the branches refuse and resist the influence and don’t want any ties with the OUN (R) members that operate under the UAFF, Inc. facade. They fight a good fight and need the assistance and protection of the official authorities in order to once-and-for-all clean the house from this dangerous OUN (R) infiltration.

The main architects and perpetrators of constant attacks aimed at discrediting the current ODFFU, Inc. Board, are Paul Bandriwsky, Bohdan Harhaj, Nick Hryckowian, Walter Zaryckyj, Christine Balko, Askold Lozynskyj, Esq. Oleh N. Dekajlo, Esq.

Most of these individuals were never formally accepted into the ODFFU membership. They are creating their own ODFFU forms to become members without approval of the current board. Most of them did not participate in the last ODFFU, Inc. Convention (Annual Meeting).

Another member of this group is Christine Balko (OUN (R) officer). In the past, she was forced to resign from Self Reliance NY Federal Credit Union for stealing members’ Social Security numbers and the addresses of their families in Ukraine to whom they sent money through electronic fund transfers. She was lucky that Board didn’t notify the FBI of such atrocities. Her actions led to many crimes in Ukraine, as she provided the details of such money transfers to the mafia-affiliated OUN (R) members in Ukraine. Her specialty is to manipulate other people. Her other special skills include IT-related procedures, e-mail addresses alterations, communications, etc. She also is not a member of ODFFU, but she lies and presents herself as an ODFFU member, lying to people, making up stories, talking all kind of garbage about the current ODFFU, Inc. Board members.

Bohdan Harhaj was never an ODFFU member — I can corroborate this. A terrorist, born in England and trained there by OUN (R), he was later sent to Canada for additional training, ending up in USA. Together with Paul Bandriwsky, they have been constantly slandering the current ODFFU, Inc. Board of Directors, trying to ruin Board members reputation inside the Ukrainian Community. Telling a lie after lie, sending wrong information to the ODFFU members — I have witnessed them in action. I had conversations with Bohdan Harhaj and received many phone calls and emails from Paul Bandriwsky.

Let it be clear — OUN (R) is a Fascist Terrorist organization whose members shouldn’t have any kind of access to any non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations or any kind of foundations, institutions, NGO’s. Those people just want money. Most of them are unemployed. They have been making their living by skimming money from the donations made by Ukrainian Organizations to support legitimate cultural and political projects. This hard-earned money was donated to be used for good purposes, not pay the OUN (R) terrorists.

Askold Lozynskyj, while having a few drinks with me in New Jersey, told me that he would love to acquire the ODFFU, Inc. building. He uses the UAFF, Inc. and programs in other organizations, like UCCA, to launder the money from Ukraine that he gains from corrupt real estate transactions made in Ukraine and other dirty businesses involving Ukrainian oligarchs, in order to avoid taxes. If his office would ever get raided (225 East 11th. Street Apart. 5 New York NY 10003) by the authorities, they will be shocked by what they will find. He uses his private secretary to make all the transactions and to sign receipts. I am pretty sure that if you confiscate the computer of the treasurer of UAFF, Inc., you probably will find transactions involving this unique individual, who claims to be a Ukrainian Patriot.

For the record: Askold Lozynskyj made his money by taking advantage of Ukrainian organizations, but mainly from their members — Ukrainian immigrants that couldn’t speak and/or write English. Those people trusted him with everything. My father once had called him and asked if he would take a case and how much it will cost. For the questions asked and answered, the bill was $450.00 — that was back in the 1970's.

Ukrainian immigrants, who didn’t have family and didn’t understand the English language, went to him for advice and procedures on how to prepare a will in order that after their passing, the building/assets that they owned would go to Ukrainian Organizations and/or churches. Yet somehow, after their death, those assets became properties of Askold Lozynskyj, Esq. That is how he started making money.

Recently, his son Maksym got an acting role in a Ukrainian movie titled “Hutsulka Ksenia”, directed by his drinking buddy in Ukraine, Oleksandr Yanchuk and produced in part by Askold Lozynskyj. At the same time, Oleksandr Yanchuk was filming another Ukrainian film about the life of Askold Lozynskyj’s idol Simon Petlura. Askold Lozynskyj, on behalf of the UCCA, was conducting the fund raising for this historical film. The money was donated by Ukrainian Organizations and Institutions, but mainly by private people (a lot of cash) and a true financial report was never presented. Friends of mine gave him cash donations, they still waiting for the receipts. This brings about several questions — which part of this collected money went to the “Diary of Simon Petlura”, and which portion went to his son’s movie: “Hutsulka Ksenia”? How did he transfer the money to pay for the films to Ukraine? Do the 990’s filed by the UCCA (Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc.) reflect all the monies collected for his programs and/or films? And what a coincidence it is that most of UCCA Board members and all of its the employees are OUN (R) members?

How about the Ukrainian National Home in NYC located at 138–140–142 Second Avenue New York NY 10003. For 14 years its Board didn’t hold a single annual meeting. Askold Lozynskyj was one of the individuals that mobilized the Ukrainian Community to throw out Andrij Lastoweckyj for being a “thief” (according to Askold Lozynskyj’s words and judgement). And what of the Board of Directors? Well, 11 of them died and only 3 are still alive. The Board President was also the Home’s manager for many years and Askold Lozynskyj (his good friend) was the Home’s legal advisor.

I approached him during one of the controversial and long-awaited meetings to ask him to transfer to me the 49 shares of the National Home that belonged to my father. He replied to me that he can’t do it any longer because it was against the law. He explained to me that the shares are non-transferable. Then I mentioned to him about other people who had shares like me, but for whom he personally and for a fee had transferred the shares. I told him that if this requires a payment, I will gladly pay him. He replied — “I know that what I did in the past wasn’t correct, it wasn’t nice. I can’t do it any longer.” He finished the conversation by saying — “many things we did in past that somehow we’ve gotten away with. We were lucky then, I won’t do it again. I am trying to straighten things out before we get caught or authorities will get involved in the Ukrainian National Home”. I guess he is still lucky.

By the way, Andrij Lastoweckyj who, according to Askold Lozynskyj, stole and lied for 14 years, all while Askold Lozynskyj served as the legal advisor, after his dismissal was later invited by Askold Lozynskyj to join the Ukrainian Free University Foundation, Inc. as its Board member. Go and figure what kind of ties they may have, could it be OUN (R)?

Prior to making my decision to file this complaint, I consulted many elder founders of the organization and Ukrainian community active members, to feel their concerns (none were OUN (R) members). The result was incredible — none supported this group of people that are trying to take over the ODFFU, Inc.! For several years I tried to talk to the people listed in this complaint. I tried to persuade them to stop their illegal and fraudulent activities. They never listened, they either issue the orders or carry them out.

Ukrainian organization were created to keep the memory of the tragic pages of Ukrainian history, to preserve and promote the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian culture and traditions. That is the way that our good parents raised us. That is the way that the good founders of this Ukrainian organization meant it to be.

But this specific group of people are promoting fascism, Neo-Nazism and terrorism. They are the leaders and activists of the OUN (R) (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — Revolutionaries), not of the OUN democratic division but of the division that has been prohibited and banned by OUN many years ago.

Those OUN (R) members that have difficulties performing physical duties, work instead in the financial field, disseminate the propaganda and disinformation to provide for the financial needs of the executors of violent commitments.

They infiltrate Ukrainian organizations in order to recruit individuals, playing upon their patriotic feelings. This persistent infiltration mostly takes place here in the United States, but this is a worldwide organization. Once you get close to them, they try to brainwash good people with their fascist ideology. Those who disagree or resist them are subjected to bullying, scaring tactics and even direct threats against them.

Once they have infiltrated a Ukrainian organization, they try to identify its weak spots and start using them as a weapon against it to gain control (bully tactics are always used). They are always looking to victimize Ukrainian non-profit organizations and mainly organizations that own substantial assets and influence.

Today’s UAFF, Inc. doesn’t reflect what the original founders of the organization intended. They had good intentions to promote Ukrainian values and help the Ukrainian people in their struggle to become a free nation. Today it only serves as cover up structure for OUN (R), the restricted division that was supposed to be dissolved many years ago.

Instead of functioning to help the Ukrainian Community here and to help Ukraine, they use the UAFF, Inc. to launder money to finance their hidden agenda. They are trying to implement the same tactics at several Ukrainian organizations and foundations, in which each one of the listed people are involved.

Here is what I have learned about their network system. “The Heritage Foundation of the First Federal Security Bank” is based in Chicago, IL. It was created by OUN (R) members and their sympathizers after they managed to take control of a former Ukrainian-American bank that existed as First Federal Security Bank. Those people, that currently are in the UAFF (Paul Bandriwsky, Chrystia Wereszczak), were employed by the bank at time of its conversion from a privately-owned to the publicly-traded institution. They were privy to purchase unlimited numbers of stock during the IPO and benefited tremendously once the stock went public with huge financial gains. The First Security bank was funded by ordinary Ukrainian folk, who placed their money and their trust in Ukrainian-owned bank for patriotic reasons. That trust was betrayed by the bank owners when it decided to go public and relinquish the control of the bank. Having made huge personal financial gains though the issuance of the stock, the former owners were faced with a great deal of outrage and disapproval in the local Ukrainian community. To save face, they established the Heritage Foundation and pledged to use the foundation to support the Ukrainian community’s needs. The foundation, however, remained under the private control of the former bank owners. Soon thereafter, it began laundering money intended for the use by OUN (R) through the UAFF, Inc. Both Paul Bandriwsky and Chrystia Wereszczak are The Heritage Foundation Board members.

Over the years, in order to fulfill the financial and the ideological goals of the fascist section of OUN (R), they managed to get on Board of Directors in many of the non-profit organizations. In the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Paul Bandriwsky is President of the Chicago Branch (in charge of the paramilitary section of the OUN (R) together with Ihor Diaczun), and Chrystia Wereszczak is President of the Woman’s Association for the Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian American Youth Association, Inc. internally struggles with these individuals and their constant pressure focusing on the assets that the organization owns. Their goal is to take over the assets. This entire plan is directed by the OUN (R) leaders. To execute it without being detected, the key is their official involvement in this vulnerable organization.

They influence, obligate and mentor members of Boards of the UAYA in many branches in USA to perform illegal financial irregularities, providing under-the-table counseling with instruction of how to use the existing leeway and assuring that nothing will happen to them. The three individuals in charge of such advice and procedures are Bohdan Harhaj, Askold S. Lozynskyj, Esq. and Paul Bandriwsky.