The Rojansky Affair

Biden, the Blob, and the Banderites: Part 2

Yesterday, The Grayzone published an article I wrote about the Banderites’ role in blocking the appointment of Matthew Rojansky as Russia director on the National Security Council earlier this month. I had originally intended to write about the Rojansky controversy as Part 2 of “Biden, the Blob, and the Banderites.”

In the 48 hours between the news breaking of Rojansky’s potential appointment and Banderite leaders of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America writing letters of protest, one of the co-authors, UCCA-Illinois vice president Paul Bandriwsky, suggested that I’m a Russian agent in an article posted on two OUN-B websites.

Robeson is a prolific biased author of many anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian publications full of outright lies. In fact, over the past few years, the emergence of Robeson’s xenophobic works has become so frequent that it is difficult to imagine such productivity without special support from the forces that guide his activities.

Speaking of productivity… I was planning to announce that after writing something once a week in March-April, that I would be aiming to double that in May, however instead I think I’m going to take a month off to focus on a potential book project about the origins of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists’ network in the United States. In that case this blog / newsletter will be continued in June. Stay tuned!